Rid your gorgeous coloured locks from dirt and impurities while neutralising unwanted copper/red reflections that come with the dying process, leaving stunningly hydrated, shiny white-blonde hair. This colour-rectifying shampoo is infused with nourishing Coconut oil and various botanical oils for an enriching, full-bodied cleanse. Use this shampoo if you wish to possess evenly toned hair layers.

This shampoo does not stain the scalp.

Best used with Fanola No Orange Mask.

Made in Italy

Best Before: 06/21

Please note it’s advisable to ear disposable gloves to avoid staining the fingers.

Apply directly onto wet hair and create a generous lather by using your fingers to massage the formula in the scalp, lengths and ends. Leave in for 1-5 minutes. The longer you leave the lather in the hair, the brighter the locks.

Rinse thoroughly. Repeat application if you wish to completely rid your hair from copper tones.

Please note, take caution if you possess bleached or over-lightened hair as this shampoo may overtone the locks.