Tone away the brassiness and avoid those harsh yellows with your coloured blonde hair thanks to Fanola! The cult favourite No Yellow range is now available in this handy value pack, featuring both the No Yellow Shampoo and the No Yellow Hair Mask!


Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Getting your hair lightened isn’t the cheapest thing in the world so it’s important to keep those yellow hues at bay and keep that colour looking fresh and fierce.

The Fanola No Yellow Shampoo combats any unwanted yellow hues that may be rearing their pesky heads and ruining your superlightened hair colours.

Its violet pigment tones down these yellow hues and helps you to keep your grey, light, blonde or streaked hair colours at their best.

The No Yellow Shampoo is ideal for grey, superlightened or decoloured hair.

pH 5.0/5.2

Made in Italy


Fanola No Yellow Mask

The Fanola No-Yellow Mask is a fantastic follow up treatment to the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo.

This mask is excellent for keeping those undesired yellow hues at bay and keeping bleached, blonde, streaked and grey hair looking fine and fabulous.

As well as neutralising unwanted yellow colouring thanks to the extra violent pigment, this mask also hydrates and nourishes the hair leaving even the driest, bleached hair feeling soft, shiny and silky.

pH 3.3/3.7

Made in Italy