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Finding the best Advent Calendar for the Christmas period is always an exciting way to welcome in the holiday festive season. Opening a surprise every day in the lead up to Christmas really builds that holiday cheer. It is no surprise that Advent Calendars are such a popular seasonal Gift idea each year and finding the best Advent Calendar in Australia is what we are here to help you with.

The beauty of an Advent Calendar is you never know exactly what you are getting - each day is a surprise. You may know the theme, such as Makeup, or the brand, such as NYX, but the exact products are a unknown. This makes every day a mystery. It’s like buying a Mystery Box, but only finding one product each day! Of course, when you purchase the calendar there is a list of all items included, but their order is the real surprise.

Some Advent Calendars focus only on specific products. For example, a Nails Advent Calendar will only feature Nail Essentials, from Nail Polish, Top Coats or Nail Care items. Other Advent Calendars will have a mix of products, so you may find a Bronzer, Blush, Mascara and other Face, Eyes or Lips Makeup within the Calendar.

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Advent Calendars, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

A new Christmas tradition has been sweeping the nation in recent years and it comes in the form of an advent calendar. These calendars, which are available in almost every type of merchandise you can imagine, offer you a unique way to count down the days until Christmas while still receiving that perfect gift at the end of each day to get you excited. This means that no matter how big or small your budget may be, there’s something out there to suit everyone this holiday season! Find out more about advent calendars and all of their various forms with this helpful guide!


What is an advent calendar?

While gift giving might feel like a chore for some (particularly during December), for many it’s still important to have festive times with friends and family. Whether you’re alone or with loved ones, there are plenty of ways to make gift giving exciting again. Since it can be hard to find a present for every person in your life and not all celebrations call for wrapping paper and bows, one option is to give an advent calendar filled with treats and beauty products.

Advent calendars are popular Christmas gifts often used by companies in order to celebrate the lead up to Christmas. A popular variation of an advent calendar is a beauty advent calendar - often containing 24 numbered doors with beauty products inside. Your decision as to whether you want to delve into any of these items is up to you, but generally they are full of beauty and makeup tools designed to pamper your skin before Christmas Day. This is a great way to slowly build that Holiday festive cheer!


Where can you buy an advent calendar?

If you want to buy an advent calendar, you can order one online at Cosmetic Capital. Beauty advent calendars are very popular and are packed full of essential items from best-selling Skincare and Makeup Brands. Speciality advent calendars are harder to find in stores these days and that is why it is recommended to shop online for ease and convenience.


Important notes about advent calendars

Advent calendars make for great Christmas gift ideas; some are specifically designed for beauty products. You can find a wide range of options in drugstores and beauty supply stores, ranging from simple cardboard calendars to chocolate-filled masterpieces designed by big brands. In order to give the person you love an excellent gift this year, find an advent calendar that contains their favourite cosmetics and skincare products – Cosmetic Capital has some great options for you to consider!


Can an Advent Calendar only be used for Christmas?

Although most popular at Christmas, Advent Calendars can be used at any time of year if you repurpose them into countdown calendars. Whether it’s counting down to a birthday, new job, holiday or wedding, an Advent Calendar is the perfect way to raise the excitement over 12 or 24 days.

Advent Calendars only have the day number on the doors, not the actual date. So you can choose to build excitement with a new Nail Polish, Lipstick, Moisturiser and more without waiting just for Christmas.


Are Advent Calendars cheap?

Advent Calendars range in prices, based on the brand, products inside the Calendar and the amount of days the Calendar goes for. You can find the best priced Advent Calendars at Cosmetic Capital, Australia’s premium destination for affordable beauty. Better yet, you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay and zipPay for your Advent Calendar.