Gift Sets and Presents

Gift Sets and Presents

When it comes to gift shopping, you’ll either encounter two scenarios:

- The first: You’re struggling to find a more meaningful gift than a standard lipstick, eyeliner and blush combo.

- The second: You’ll be competing with friends and family members to purchase the most extravagant gift for a loved on.

If you ever find yourself in one, or both of these scenarios, go for the simplest answer: Purchase a gift set.

At Cosmetic Capital, we have a wide variety of gift sets for you to choose from and all for a great deal.

From the family, get your mum or your partner a gift she’ll really enjoy using and purchase one of our Nude by Nature Complexion Sets, or one of these lovely Grace Cole Sets. Stop fighting over who’s getting what and give your one-true bestie one of our Revlon Manicure Tool Kits or spoil your significant other with a Vanity Planet GlowSpins.

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