This product cannot be delivered to countries outside of Australia.

Impulse very pink body spray slowly transforms itself into a tender, extremely feminine floral hear of lily of the valley, pink orchid, rose and lotus blossom.

Impulse tease body spray is an addictive scent with hints of tempting fruits and delicious undertone which has an exciting fragrance with stimulating pineapple and exotic wood notes.

Impulse true love body spray is a fresh and natural fragrance. the fragrance contains exciting citrus notes such as bergamot, lime and grapefruit mischievously blended with exhilarating fruits (peach, pear, melon) and bright green notes. the fragrance reveals its inner soul and you can’t live without it; colourful flowers like rose, freesia and muguet create the perfect atmosphere for fun.

Great for weekend travel gateaway or gift for sister/friends.

3x 35ml

Made in China