This product cannot be delivered to countries outside of Australia.

An incredible blend of crispy apples clashing with fresh freesia and a hint of vanilla creates the perfect festival scent. A girl who always smells fresh and looks confident? That's you. Yes you. Who else? You’re twinkling, the bright light at the festival, the life and soul of the party. And now you're walking in. Sparkling colours are flying through the air. Everywhere. The world is yours and nothing else matters. It's you, your friends. The music is on. You're dancing like you never have before. That's it! Let yourself go. Enjoy it. Every single minute. It’s fresh. It’s bright. It’s totally you today. Tomorrow. Any. Single. Day. You. Want. You’re ready now. So go out there and be you. Go out there and Trust Your Impulse with the Impulse Body Mist range of fragrances. Everything you need to be the best version of you. The best woman you can be. The best. Full stop. Pop the top, spray where you want, when you want. 

Made in Australia