Pillow Cases

Pillow Cases

So you've moved and your new bedroom is looking a little bland and bare, to say the least. Not to worry. A new set of pillowcases and bed sheets is just the thing to liven up your mattress, complement those white-washed walls and to add some personality to the space you call your own.

At Cosmetic Capital, we believe in only the best of soft and eco-friendly fabrications for a good night's sleep, at a reasonable price of course!

From luxuriously soft silk fabrications to eco-friendly and breathable bamboo viscose products, our selection of pillowcases adds that finishing touch of colour to a bog-standard white sheet set.

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Are you looking for a wedding gift? Try browsing our range of bed sheets for double, queen and king-sized beds in blush, grey, ivory and white.

What are you waiting for? Browse below and get designing!

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