L'Occitane Vitoria Regia Fragrance 100ml

The Vitória-Régia Day Flower Eau de Cologne captures the scent of the white, newly blossomed Vitória-Régia petals in an aquatic fragrance marked with green freshness. High notes of orange, lemon and apple beautifully complement a generous heart of Vitória-Régia. It contains a vitória-régia extract from the Amazônia region of Brazil.

The majestic vitória-régia flower perfumes Amazonian waters with its captivating fragrance. A versatile plant, its petals transform from white to pink, intensifying their floral aquatic scent. Ephemeral, this flower dismisses itself after two days, giving way to new life. A green paradise with generous waters, the Amazônia region of Brazil, nestled deep within the largest concentration of rainforests in the world, is home to a vast biodiversity.

Directions: Spray all over the body, except on face area, and apply with a circular massaging motion

Made in Brazil

About the brand: L'Occitane au Brésil encompasses all the characteristics and values of LÓccitane with an added Brazillian twist. L'Occitane au Brésil draw product inspiration from Brazilian traditions and trends, with a range of masks, conditioners, treatments, lotions and body oils for flawless skin and gorgeous, healthy hair. These products contain only the richest, most effective, natural Brazilian ingredients and fragrances for your well-being and a pleasant experience for the senses. Learn more here