New Lash Architect 4D False Lashes mascara builds captivating lashes with each brush stroke by providing volume, length and curl!

The formula contains exceptionally long, rigid 4mm sculpting nylon fibres that build volume and instantly make lashes appear longer. With the quick deposit formula the Lash Architect mascara adheres instantly to the lashes making it easy to build volume and create a thicker, more intense look.

At the very heart of the formula, the fibres are applied with the exclusive architectural brush to create the ultimate 'false eyelash' look. Thanks to its ergonomic curve, the brush helps ensure that the nylon fibres are applied to every single lash, including the smallest lashes in the corner of the eye. Bristles are equally spaced, ensuring the formula goes on evenly for intense lashes, no clumps and a texturised lash look. The curving sides on the 4D brush complete the look with beautifully curled, irresistible lashes.
Made in Italy.