Salicylic Acid
Cleanses & revitalises skin
Refines skin texture

With age, skin tends to get more dull, uneven and lack brightness. Results? Skin looks even older... Take action!

Action 1:
Instantly cleanses and revitalises skin
Deeply cleanses skin and eliminates impurities, its creamy foam texture with Salicylic Acid helps to eliminate dead cells on skin's surface and refines skin texture with a comfortable feeling. Skin feels softer and revitalised.

Action 2:
Reinforces the skin's natural resistance
ADS Active Defense System, a powerful soothing active ingredient that helps to reinforce the skin's natural resistance against daily aggression. 

Result: less irritation, less tightness and more comfort.

Recommendation for use:
Lather in the palm of your hand. Apply on wet face and gently massage concentrating on forehead, nose and chin. 
Suitable for daily usage.
Apply a skincare after use.