Anarchy for Him is a bold 48-hour Antiperspirant with top fruity notes of pomegranate, apple, blueberry and kumquat. Followed by middle notes of violet, sage, cedar leaf, lavender and undertones of tobacco wood, sandalwood, white amber and coumarin. Designed to keep you feeling great no matter the situation. Our antiperspirants are designed to give you confidence. All day long. So you can forget about sweat and odour and focus on what really matters. And that’s you being, well, you. 

Weather you think you are sweating too much, need a protection from stress sweat, or looking for a general odour protection, this roll on deodorant will support you in any occasion. Maximise the technology of Lynx Anarchy for Him Antiperspirant by applying at night. The key lies in the condition of your skin; not only is your body’s perspiration rate higher in the morning, but a hot shower will also open your pores, making it less receptive to any antiperspirant applied afterwards. 

Your skin’s drier and cooler at night, so it has the best possible opportunity to sink in. Lynx is committed to producing styling & grooming products that help guys look better, smell better and feel more confident when taking on the world. We exist to help Australian guys express themselves authentically. 
A Fragrance of fresh, fruity top notes complemented by smooth woody undertones
A rich, spicy fragrance that combines fresh and fruity notes.
Sweet sandalwood and white amber leave you feeling refreshed.
Sweat protection that lasts for 48 hours
Forget About Sweat, Your Style is Non-Negotiable
To be applied on your underarms