Cheap Lipstick

Cheap Lipstick

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It’s hard to say which brand of lipstick is the best because it really is subjective. It’s all down to personal preference and what is most important to you when it comes to lipsticks. Maybe you favour strong pigmentation and longevity or perhaps you prefer moisturising lipsticks with natural ingredients. It’s always good to look into a brand to see what products they specialise in and what they prioritise.

At Cosmetic Capital, we stock a wide range of lipstick brands for you to experiment with and enjoy. A lot of our products also have helpful reviews from Verified Customers to guide your shopping experience.

Lipstick and lip colour are almost exactly the same thing. Lipstick is an older term and usually has a solid crayon-like appearance and moisturising qualities. Lipstick is also probably the better option to pop in a handbag for on-the-go application as it may be easier to apply when you’re in a rush and can’t access a mirror.

Lip colour is a modern term that typically refers to a liquid product encapsulated in a tube with a brush applicator. It typically provides excellent pigmentation. There is a lot of overlap between lipstick and lip colour as they both serve a very similar purpose.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to applying lipstick. Start by lining your lips with a lip liner that is the same or a similar colour to your lipstick. This will provide an outline to help with lipstick application, will help with precision and reduce the chances of colour bleeding.

Apply your lipstick from the centre and move outwards. If your lines are a little messy, you can always take a small amount of concealer on a flat concealer brush to fix any errors. Just be sure to blend out the concealer and seal with a translucent powder.

Unopened lipstick can stay good for up to 5 years. The average lipstick lifespan is 12-24 months.

You can tell if your lipstick is on the turn if you can identify any moisture or odd, chalky textures or if it is giving off an unpleasant odour.

Using expired lipstick is harmful as it can contain bacteria that could irritate the lips and mouth area, causing itchiness or an allergic reaction. You can prevent your lipstick from harbouring bacteria by refraining from applying it directly after eating.