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Growing a beard can be difficult enough, but the real work begins with beard maintenance. Finding the best beard kit in Australia or the perfect beard oil is going to help with this process.

Add to your beard care kit with some new men’s toiletries, or a cologne that is distinctly you. After all, the beard is just one part of your grooming routine, so adding in specific skincare for men products and male deodorants are just as important.


Beard growth tips

Here are a few tips to help you on your way with growing the perfect beard!

  1. Plan your beard: This involves looking at the shape of your face and deciding whether you want to have a long narrow beard, or wider shorter beard.
  2. Patience is key: All beards take time to grow, and for some this time will be longer than others. It might start off patchy, but don’t give up!
  3. Maintain your beard: To really provide your beard with proper definition ensure to shave the neckline and cheek line. This will allow your beard to properly grow out and differentiate it from a beard that has been created from a lazy attitude to shaving.
  4. Don’t forget to trim: Trimming your beard as it grows is important to keep your beard in the desired shape. Tame the wild hairs and keep the length consistent.
  5. Time for products: Now you are ready to start applying your beard oil, using a beard brush, or even a beard conditioner. This will ensure your bristles are kept in good shape!


How to care for your beard

Your beard requires just as much care as you would for the hair on your head. A strong routine of washing, conditioning, trimming and brushing are the key essentials to caring for your beard. If you neglect these, you are certain to get some snide comments about the state of your beard.

Here are the best methods to care for you beard as it grows:

  • Wash: You beard needs to be treated kindly, with a comprehensive wash to clean it. This is the foundation of good beard care. You can use a normal shampoo or a beard specific shampoo. Just remember that the scent will waft to your nose, so pick something you like!
  • Condition: There’s nothing worse than a dry, scruffy beard that makes you want to shave it all off. Use a conditioner to soften your beard and allow it to be styled how you wish. You can use a normal hair conditioner or a beard specific conditioner.
  • Oil: Beards need oil. Full stop. Beard oil softens the beard even more than just conditioning, while also warding off beard dandruff. As an added benefit, your beard will have a much stronger, more intoxicating aroma after using beard oil.
  • Disinfect: Your beard takes in a lot of waste, such as food, sneezes, sweat and more. Although a wash will clean it, using an antibacterial beard balm is recommended to keep your beard happy and healthy.
  • Brush: Just as you would with long, unruly hair, brush your beard to keep it tame and untangled. Brushing will also spread the beard oil, which will keep your full beard healthy. You can use a beard specific brush or just a normal hairbrush.
  • Trim: Occasionally, you will need to trim your beard. This will keep it in shape, especially if it doesn’t grow evenly. Use a designated beard trimmer with lots of attachments to give you total control over how much you trim.

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How does beard oil work?

Beard oil is the essential you need to keep your beard happy and healthy. Enriched with non-greasy and nourishing oils, beard oil strengthens and improves growth of the beard, reduces itching, tames flyaway strands and moisturises the skin beneath the beard. It also works to add another element of conditioning to your beard.

To use beard oil, just follow these steps:

  1. Use your beard oil in the morning after a shower. This is when your skin is clean and moist.
  2. Apply 2-4 drops of beard oil to your palm, depending on the length of your beard.
  3. Rub your hands together to evenly spread and warm the oil over your palms.
  4. Gently massage the oil upwards through your beard.
  5. Then, smooth the hair downwards to tame flyaway strands.
  6. You can also use a beard brush or comb at this time to spread the oil over the full length of your beard.

Beard oil is best used 3-4 times a week, depending on your hair type. For those with dry beards, you may need to use beard oil 4-6 times per week to increase moisture and strengthen the hair.


What are the best beard care products?

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