An electrifying, sun kissed brilliance all day, every day.

SELF-TAN LOTION in Ultra Dark has high energy, a force of tanning nature.

The lotion ensures an instant, hydrating, deep bronzed glow.

Formulated with new innovative tan activators, this self-tan hits all the sweet spots.

A rich, non-greasy, fast, lightweight lotion in a high performance, advanced formula. Right here, right now.

The ModelCo signature blue-green base has been enhanced with Caffeine and Guarana for their firming and skin-toning properties.

Featuring colour-control technology, ModelCo SELF-TAN LOTION allows for your ideal, desired shade depending on how long the tan is left to develop:

1 hr - Sun Kissed

2 hr - Dark Bronze

3+ hrs Ultra Dark

 Boosted with Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Cacao, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E to ensure optimum hydration, skin conditioning and your longest lasting tan.

Made in Australia