Deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin with the PNF Deep Cleansing Complexion Brush.

This expert cleansing system comes with two speed levels and two massage heads – a Deep Cleansing brush and Exfoliation Brush – for a customisable cleanse depending on your skins day-to-day needs.

This water-resistant complexion brush delivers a thorough cleanse and gentle exfoliation to help restore skin health and radiance. 

Please note: This brush requires 2x AAA batteries, not AA batteries as shown on the packaging

How to insert batteries

  • The size of Batteries required are AAA and not AA as stated on the packaging.
  • To insert the 2 batteries required you need to remove the Battery cover on the back of the Product. You do this by putting pressure in the little gap at the top of the battery cover and pushing downwards.
  • Once removed you will see 2 slots for the AAA batteries to go into.
  • Next to each slot is a symbol of either +  or -  , which denotes which direction the battery needs to be inserted.
  • Once inserted the battery cover needs to be put back into its place before the Brush will work.