Revlon Beauty Tools Manicure Kit

All you need to keep your nails healthy and in shape.
One stop kit contains 4 specialized nail tools for cutting, filing and buffing nails and caring for cuticles.


This Manicure Kit contains:

1x Mini Crazy Shine Buffer

1x Nail Clipper

1x Nail File

1x Mini Pusher - Nail Cuticle Tools

1x Nail Cuticle Remover

1x Manicure Kit Bag


1. Apply cuticle remover to each finger and massage into cuticle. The cuticle remover gently, yet effectively exfoliates cuticles.

2. Use mini pusher to push cuticles back and away from nails.

3. Mini crazy shine buffer leaves nails 400% shinier.

4. Cut, file and buff your nails before applying polish for a salon-like finish.

Assembled in USA