Activated carbon makes up the basis of the Peel Off Mask formulation as it has specific absorbing properties. It peels off any dirt efficiently, reduces blackheads and tightens pores making your skin clean and healthy-looking.

Carbon nourishes cells with minerals microelements, makes skin feel fresh and vital. Collagen is one of the main structural proteins in the body, PRO-COLLAGEN induces the skin to generate its own collagen. It contributes to controlling skin moisture level, tightens skin and helps delay the aging process.

Improving cellular breathing, PRO-COLLAGEN helps skin keep its beauty and juvenility. It boosts immunity, improves microcirculation and helps the release of toxins and waste products. As a result, facial tan becomes better and wrinkles get smooth and reduced.

Vitamin C is an activating agent for energy processes in cells. It helps eliminate fatigue and gives natural shine to the skin.

Extracts from Lemon and Ginger contribute to the general toning, brightening and strengthening of the skin cells, boosts metabolism and induces the process of regeneration.

We recommend the use of the Peel Off Mask PRO-COLLAGEN: 3 times a week if your pores are significantly enlarged, you have a lot of blackheads or your skin looks lifeless. Twice a week in case of slightly enlarged pores or a few blackheads. Once a week as a skin care and for maintaining the natural radiance of your skin.

Made in EU