Argan Oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, native to Morocco. Extremely rich in wholesome nutrients, including Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, making it particularly beneficial for the skin. Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate, nourish and soften the skin. With its high Vitamin E and Fatty Acid content, Argan Oil provides a natural boost for the skin. It has anti-oxidant properties as well as promoting elasticity, thus reducing the visibility of fine lines and slowing down the pre-mature aging. Argan Oil is non-greasy, fast absorbing oil, soothing and protecting the natural moisture of skin.

Revox Just Argan 100% Daily Nourishment targets dry and dull skin, fine lines and skin aging.

Combine with Revox Just Niacinamide 10% Daily Moisturiser for extra nourishment or with Revox Just Hyaluronic Acid 5% Hydrating Fluid for in depth hydration. It can be used with other Revox Just products as part of your daily beauty routine.

Caution: Do Not combine with Revox Oil Blend to avoid excessive oil build-up, that can cause acne outbreaks. Individual intolerance to the product is possible.

Made in EU

Apply a few drops daily or as needed to entire face ideally after gently cleansing the skin.