Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist 7-00 Medium Natural Blonde has Omegaplex professional anti-breakage technology that protects & reinforces against damage, strengthens micro-bonds inside hair fibre and offers extra long lasting colour - 100% grey coverage.

The innovation: Omegaplex Professional Anti-Breakage Technology.

Micro-bonds Protection.

- Hair fibrils.

- Hair micro-bonds.

- Micro-bonds hold together the hair fibrils inside each hair. They give the hair strength & structure.

- During colouring, these Micro-Bonds might break. Omegaplex protects & reinforces the Micro-bonds against breakage during and after colouring.

Remarkable results.

- Up to 90% less hair breakage.

- Visibly improved hair quality(vs untreated hair).

- Instantly detangled & deeply cared-for hair.

- Extra long lasting colour intensity.

"Feel the difference" (vs untreated hair).

Omega Plex Professional Anti-Breakage Technology in 3 steps.

Made in Germany