Skin Doctors eyecircle is a targeted treatment to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eye. It helps to:

  1. Improve firmness and tone of eye area
  2. Fight the visible signs of ageing due to dark circles

Recommended for:

  • Specifically formulated to treat dark skin under eyes
  • All skin types and ages

HOW DOES EYE CIRCLE WORK? Eyecircle works with a combination of ingredients including the breakthrough Haloxyl. Haloxyl acts by neutralising the appearance of dark pigmentation caused by bilirubin (biodegraded blood) and iron. Eyecircle also includes a blend of natural vitamins, moisturisers and skin brighteners to help nurture and brighten this delicate area.


• Haloxyl – a revolutionary matrikine peptide which helps by eliminating peri-orbitol discoloration by breaking down and clearing away degraded red blood cells and strengthens the skin density over the area. Read below for more information on Haloxyl
• Eyecircle contains a bevy of additional ingredients including Walteria Indica extract and fruit acid complex. This ingredient is useful as a natural skin brightener and softener and also assists in reducing pigmentation.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Cleanse skin thoroughly and pat dry. Gently pat Eyecircle directly onto dark circles starting at the inside corner and working outwards.

Made in Australia

Manufacture Date 04/2019 - this item has 36 months shelf life from date of manufacture. 


More information on Haloxyl 

- Haloxyl is one of those top players in the dark circle eraser game and it’s perhaps the one that you simply cannot avoid. 

How to Quickly Recognize Haloxyl on Labels

- When you are searching for this ingredient while shopping for eye creams, it is not always going to be listed as Haloxyl. You may also see it being referred to as INCI. You should also be on the lookout for the combination of water, glycerin, steareth-20, N-hydroxysuccinimide, chrysin, palmitoyl Oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7.