The Skin Doctors Skinactive Regenerative Night Cream is your new go-to solution for all your skin ageing with a focus on night-time regeneration. This lightweight and creamy formulation features a powerful complex designed to treat up to fourteen universal aged skin issues.

The key benefits include:

  1. Providing intense moisture for dry and dehydrated skin

  2. Preventing the formation of fine lines

  3. Fighting deep wrinkles

  4. Plumping sagging and fragile skin

  5. Increasing skin firmness

  6. Brightening uneven skin tone

  7. Increasing elasticity

  8. Increasing skin firmness

  9. Intensely nourishing the skin

  10. Relieving stressed and tight skin

  11. Increasing natural anti-ageing defences

  12. Pro-actively repairing skin

  13. Detoxifying to reduce impurities

  14. Promoting skin renewal


The Skinactive Regenerative Night Cream boasts the following formulation:

  • Renovage - improves the skin surface, allowing it to feel smoother and look younger by increasing skin hydration, reinforcing the skin's barrier function and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dilated pores

  • Exo-T - maintains the balance between cell renewal and shedding dead skin to encourage the regeneration of new cells. Also protects the collagen network and improves the skin's texture

  • Aquafill - a natural active fill wrinkles and refines the pores, while locking in moisturising properties into the skin for hours. Also restores the skin's lipid barrier

  • Sepilift DPHP - a moisturising anti-ageing active that firms and reduces wrinkles. Also defends the skin against free radicals

  • Rovisome ACE Plus - A combination of vitamins A, C and E to prevent oxidative stress, premature ageing as well as free radical damage.  Also improves the skin's softness and defends the skin against UVA/UVB damage.


Made in Australia