This innovative inner beauty supplement harnesses the scientific proven benefits of Collagen-Bio Peptides. Supporting our skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, it helps counteract the premature signs of ageing: smoothing wrinkles/lines, improving skin’s firmness and brightening skin tone (requires daily intake of at least 2.5g Collagen Hydrolysate).

Powered with 100% naturally sourced ingredients for a boost, recovery or maintenance of youthful-looking skin

  • Antioxidant-rich Super Berries: Acai Berry, Wild Berry, and Blueberry
  • Organic Superfoods: Australian Kakadu Plum and Beetroot (source of Vit A necessary for skin’s structure and function)
  • Organic Activated Tumeric blended with Black Pepper
  • Pre and Probiotic – Inulin Prebiotic Fibre +2.5 Billion Probiotics* per serve to support inner balance

Natural Berry (Flavour) Powder 120g 


Made in Australia