Lash & Brow Magic is the natural solution for ultra-lush lashes and beautiful bold brows without the use of mascara, falsies, extensions or feathering.

The silky smooth, advanced treatment formula, achieves greater length, fullness, and longevity of lashes and brows with clinically-proven, natural beauty ingredients.

  • Organic Sprouts of Clover and Mung Bean Extractsan extraordinary concentrate of phytonutrients helps to rebalance the hair follicle cycle with a ‘30-day’ effect for an enhanced, fuller appearance of natural lashes
  • Royal Castor Oil(rich in Ricinoleic fatty acid) and Hemp Seed Oil(optimum 3:1 ratio of omega-3 fatty acids) are nature’s oils that nourish, soothe, strengthen and protect hair follicles for healthy and thicker looking lash and brows
  • Beet Root Extract (and) Hydrolysed Corn Starch,provides an all-natural conditioning and moisturising effect within the hair follicle to quickly restore vitality of lash and brows
  • Silk Amino Acidsbind strongly and penetrate hair to deeply moisturise leaving a soft, silky feel and elegant shine to lash and brows
  • Naturally-Derived Biopolymeris a miracle treatment for repairing split ends by sealing, lifted damaged cuticles that will leave your lash and brow feeling smoother

  Made in New Zealand

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