There's a reason Vanity Planet are known across the globe as the heroes of our skin. Their cleansing system and makeup brushes have changed the game. And with this exclusive gift pack, you will realise the hype is most definitely justified! Join the Vanity Planet today!

The Spin And Grin Vanity Planet Gift Pack includes:

  • Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin - Bombshell Blue
  • Vanity Planet Replacement Brush Heads 4pcs for Spin For Perfect Skin
  • Vanity Planet Blend Party Oval Makeup Brush Set Pucker Up Pink  
  • Gift bag - assorted


Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin - Bombshell Blue

The Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin is an all in one cleansing tool that will have you radiating from head to toe. The cleansing and exfoliating brush heads help remove excess makeup, oils and dead skin cells that leave your complexion looking dull and tired - nobody wants that! Once you spin, your face will be ready to hydrate so you can glow day in and day out. The body brush and pumice stone make sure the rest of your body gets a little lovin'. Work your way down with Body Brush for a full body clean, finishing off my buffing away rough and callused areas with Pumice Stone. Enjoy your skin's new BFF - trust us, you'll love it!

Cleanses and exfoliates to reveal radiant skin
Removes bacteria to promotoe a visibly clearer complexion

Reduces pore size so skin appears smoother and brighter
Includes 4 attachments for cleansing, exfoliating and buffing

Water resistant for shower use

Battery operated

Made in China


Vanity Planet Blend Party Oval Makeup Brush Set Pucker Up Pink  

Meet the Vanity Planet Blend Party, here to give you that flawless look day in and day out. This unique brush design not only looks fab, it also helps you make the most out of your makeup routine. Its synthetic bristles are tightly packed to create a seamless surface, so you can get your blend and contour on without worrying about nasty streaks. More fibers means less product getting trapped in between bristles and more makeup on that beautiful face of yours. The flexible handles curve to the shape of your face for a more precise, consistent application. To make things even better, this versatile set is excellent for self-application and its durable construction will keep these brushes in tip top shape with lots of use. 

  • Includes 10 different brushes 
  • Durable and flexible handles for precise, natural-looking application 
  • Compact, synthetic bristles feel great, hold their shape, and waste less makeup
  • Unique brush design makes blending simple, giving you a flawless complexion
  • Brushes are 100% cruelty free

Made in China


Vanity Planet Replacement Brush Heads 4pcs for Spin For Perfect Skin

Compatible with Spin For Perfect

  • Cleansing brush
    • Perfect for clearing excess makeup, dead skin cells, and debris, prepping your skin for hydration moisturisers.
  • Exfoliating brush
    • Slightly firmer bristles lift away hard to reach debris, helping to reveal your skin's natural glow
  • Body cleaning brush
    • Nylon body brush is much larger than facial brush and is designed to cleanse broad sections of skin, such as arms, legs and the torso.
  • Pumice stone
    • Specially designed to exfoliate your heels for soft, sandal ready feet, this attachment is a pro at buffing calloused, cracked skin

For best result, replace brush heads every 2-3 months

Cruelty free

Made in China