The perfect product for tired hair, the duo of products fortifiers TIGI Bed Head Re-Energise, contains a shampoo and a conditioner that work together to strengthen, moisturize and restore your locks, adding shine and luster.


  • Shampoo fortifier TIGI Bed Head Re-Energise 750ml: Specially formulated for normal hair, this shampoo fortifier will repair your hair and protect against further damage. Form a foam moisturiser that nourishes the hair as it cleans impurities. In addition, balance the levels of hydration and will leave your hair with an intensified brightness.
  • Conditioner fortifier TIGI Bed Head Re-Energise 750ml: This rich conditioner will soften and will tease your hair at the same time protect it from environmental damage. In addition, the fight against the hair loose to give a smooth finish and no frizz, while adding strength and shine to leave your hair looking healthy and lustrous.