The Blend Baby Makeup Sponge from Vanity Planet is an utterly unique and crazily convenient dual applicator that allows you to achieve immaculate results when applying cream and liquid products. Blend baby, blend!

Combining silicone with a lightweight sponge, get maximum coverage, minimum wastage and a flawlessly blended finish.

Its unique and comfortable shape allows you to blend larger areas with ease and increase precision when applying product to smaller, harder-to-reach places.

Pack includes 2x Vanity Planet Blend Baby Makeup Sponges.

Made in China  

  1. For the most comfortable application, grip your Blend Baby at the curve in the middle of the puff.
  2. Apply the product of choice to the silicone side.
  3. Use this side to evenly distribute the product around your face.
  4. Flip your Blend Baby over and lightly wet the sponges side for better results before use.
  5. Dab the rounded edges of the sponge to blend in products on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and other large areas on your face.
  6. To blend around your nose and eyes or to cover up blemishes, use the point for a more precise application.

Can be used with foundations, primers, skin care and other cream and liquid products.