Cleansing, exfoliating & massaging face brush system.

The ultimate skin spa is an invigorating facial brush system that includes three specialized attachments designed for daily cleansing, deep exfoliation and sensitive washing. With a micro massage movement, this user friendly device energizes all skin types and is an essential addition to your beauty routine.

Clarifies with a 360 degree rotary action
Removes dirt, oil, make up, dead skin and more
Includes three brush heads: daily cleansing, exfoliating and silicone brush

Made in China


Setting up your Ultimate Skin Spa System:

This is a battery operated device. Batteries are not included. 2 AA batteries required.

If you have difficulties please see below -

Please note: Water-Resistant Handle, but do not submerge in water, it will break the device. Dry after every use.

To get maximum results:

- Skin Type: All skin types

- Application Area: Face Remove eye makeup with makeup remover or wipe. Attach your desired brush head to the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing Brush base. Dampen your skin with water and apply cleanser or exfoliator directly to your skin or to the brush head. (Note: Avoid using exfoliators with large, jagged particles such as nuts or shells with Ultimate Skin Spa.)

Hold the device so the brush head is flush against your skin, then press the On/Off button to select your desired mode.

Gently glide the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing Brush over your skin’s surface in a circular motion, careful not to apply too much force to the brush head as this may cause irritation to your skin.

Caring for the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing Brush:

Rinse your brush head thoroughly after each use. If it is discoloured from makeup or debris, clean with warm, soapy water and allow to dry.

Clean the base and handle once a week with a slightly damp cloth.

Replace brush heads every 2-3 months.

Daily Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Silicone Brush Heads are available.