Forget the mandatory Insta filter and turn to this miracle selfie-saving foundation from wet n wild instead.

Specifically designed to rid the horrible effect of flashback, the Photo Focus Foundation is wet n wild’s innovative high-performing and skin perfecting foundation. Lightweight, oil and cruelty free, this foundation is formulated with a revolutionary light-adjusting complex that diffuses up to seven different light conditions, while its matte properties deliver a flawless camera-ready finish.

The Photo Focus Foundation diffuses:

  • Clear Blue Sunlit Sky (There’s plenty of that in Australia)
  • Evening light outdoors
  • Indoor evening light
  • Artificial/electronic flashes
  • Fluorescent light
  • Bathroom light
  • Nightclub light

This foundation comes in warm beige and is most suited for girls with medium and tanned skin tones. 

Made in USA