Hallo-queen How To: Pennywise from IT (Glam Edition!)

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 25 September 2017 

Whether it’s because of their unsettling, over exaggerated smiles, their creepy eyes or their eerie laughs, there’s no question that clowns are utterly creepy. 

The frightening 1990 film adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel It had children and parents alike absolutely terrified of these peculiar beings. Now with the 2017 remake of this classic cinematic horror, Pennywise is back in our lives and has reclaimed his title as the most spine-chilling clown we know!  

Since Pennywise The Dancing Clown is once again the talk of the town, we couldn’t think of a better character to kick off our Hallo-queen How To series!



Mykie, the genius behind the YouTube channel GlamAndGore, recreated Pennywise’s bloodcurdling look and put her own glamorous spin on it.

This incredible tutorial had us super inspired to show you guys how to pull off Mykie’s look using our products!



Start by applying white face paint to the areas you would typically apply a highlighting concealer (The areas Mykie has highlighted, as pictured above).


I would recommend the BYS Special FX Colour Wheel in Ghastly for this as you will need to use red and black colours later! (Note: You could use BYS Special FX White Liquid Foundation for this too.)


To really enhance the white tones, set the paint with BYS Special FX White Powder Foundation. If you are already pleased with the colour vibrancy, you can set your face with the BYS Special FX HD Microfinish Powder instead.


Apply a thick lining of black pencil liner along the lid and smoke it out with a fluffy blending brush. Reapply generously as needed.


Then apply this bold, cherry red lipstick. If you make any mistakes, just smudge it out. You are a demonic shapeshifting clown after all!



Either use the red lipstick from earlier or take the red colour from the BYS Special FX Colour Wheel in Ghastly and recreate the red lines as pictured using a thin brush. Don’t forget the clown nose!


Then take a darker red or the black from the same colour wheel and outline the red painted areas, blending and smudging it into the red slightly. 



Time for the glam!


Complete those lines you created, as well as your red-tipped nose and lips, with some red glitter. For an extravagant look, use Mermaid Salon’s Shibuya Diamonds Sparkle Factory Palette or for something a little more subtle, use BYS Glitter Lipgloss in Sun.


Then, experiment with hot pink and shimmery pearl-coloured sequins. Concentrate these around the cheek and eye area.



Finish your makeup with some statement making false eyelashes with dramatic, tapered ends like Get Lashed London’s Get Sexy Eyelashes to complete the chilling look.


Mykie also added some horrifyingly piercing contacts and razor-sharp fake teeth to truly bring Pennywise to life.

As for costuming, pick up a ginger wig and a frilly white dress and you’ll be sure to frighten everyone in the neighbourhood.

Oh, and don’t forget your signature red balloon!

You’ll float too.


You can watch the full tutorial below


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