While washing your face each day and night is the most vital part of your skin-care routine, moisturising follows soon after. When you wash your face, you strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it vulnerable to dry patches and flakiness. Moisturisers replenish the oil that has been lost to keep the skin nourished and healthy, leaving it feeling beautifully silky smooth.

Even oily skin types benefit from using moisturisers. If you wash your face repeatedly in an effort to combat oiliness, you’ll find your skin getting even oilier. This is because the skin is working overtime to replenish the oil that has been lost. Using a moisturiser after washing will help rebalance your skins natural oil production, leaving you with just the right amount of oil to keep your skin healthy and happy. 

There are plenty of moisturisers on the market that target different skin types and concerns. Find the best moisturiser for you below!