The best ways to treat red skin


The best ways to treat red skin

Ahh, the daily struggles of sensitive, reddened skin, uneven skin and acne. Blotchiness and angry-looking spots can do a number on our confidence. Even when you think you've finally gotten rid of those unsightly flushes for the night, only to find it again full-force in the morning.

You've tried every face scrub known to man, night cream and your foundation is doing nothing to hide the red splotches. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from rosacea, eczema, active oily skin or even a bad case of sunburn, your red-toned skin remains stubborn as ever.

Like your sisters with dry, itchy skin and flaky skin, gals prone to ruddiness need to adhere to an exclusive skincare regimen and strict beauty routine to keep the blotches and sudden flushes at bay.

Easy tips for concealing and managing red-toned skin

- Use green-toned makeup: As red's complementary colour, the cool-tones within green can successfully neutralise the vivid notes within red tones and smooth the complexion.

- Stay clear from oil-based makeup products.

- Reduce your time in the sun… and the tanning bed! (Self-tan instead!)

- Find foundation products with SPF.

- Steer away from cosmetics with harmful synthetics. Try products that are Paraben Free.

- Use a selective range of skincare products: The more makeup and skincare products you use on your complexion, the more irritated and flared it will become.

- Less scrubbing the face! You’re stripping away the essential oils from your skin cells and only aggravating the skin surface further.

- Apply naturally calming topical ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, cucumber, peppermint, chamomile or rosehip.

- Turn to gentle skin exfoliation, perhaps a soft foaming cleanser or a scrub that uses finer particles.

- Use skin clarifying cleansers or toners day and night

Correct your skin’s red tones and shop these anti-red skincare products today

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