Bienvenue Cosmetic Capital family! Bourjois is here to stay! Since the roaring 20s, Bourjois and their imaginary muse ‘Babette’, has guided young women in the ‘art of effortless beauty’. Thanks to them, this leading brand allows women to express their creativity and reinvent themselves by finding their own style, without conforming to a specific look.

Now 150 years later, the leading French makeup and beauty brand has empowered women through their innovative products and made the ‘Parisan Chic’ and ‘La Femmes’ available to everyone.

Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or a hard-core beauty guru, Bourjois has you covered from your subtle foundations to your statement eye-wear. From highly pigmented lip colours, volumizing mascaras, shimmery eyeshadow palettes and baked blushes, you’ll find a variety of beauty goods that are the perfect balance of premium quality, luxury, colour and fashion expertise.

Let Bourjois help you be yourself, to experiment and have fun with beauty. Beauty should be exciting, not scary!

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