SPF and skincare – health & anti-aging benefits


SPF and skincare – health & anti-aging benefits

Sun protection is a non-negotiable practice that should be implemented on a daily basis, especially when living in a hot and sunny place like Australia.

If you are not already using sunscreen and sun protective measures, it’s time to get serious about sun safety.

There are several health benefits to be gained from SPF skincare beyond the obvious, as well as a number of anti-aging perks.


Health Benefits of SPF

First and foremost, sunscreen (when used correctly) decreases your risk of skin cancer and skin precancers. It does this by creating a barrier across the skin, limiting its exposure to cell-damaging UV radiation. The use of sunscreen also reduces sunburn and any associated issues such as redness, irritation, flakiness, itchiness and rashes.

Not only does cell damage leave you more at risk of developing skin cancer and skin precancers, but it also makes the cells less effective at identifying and combatting threats to the immune system which negatively impacts the body’s innate ability to fight off disease and heal itself. 

Anti-Aging Benefits of SPF

Incorporating SPF into your daily ritual not only keeps your skin protected, but it also keeps it thriving.

Sun damaged skin can appear aged and uneven with blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sagging and age spots. Keeping your skin protected with sunscreen and other sun-safe measures should prevent premature skin aging and help maintain a clear, firm and healthy complexion.

How to add SPF to your skincare routine

As troublesome as it can be to add another step to the daily routine, sunscreen is super important. Just look at it as another part of your anti-aging skincare routine.

The best skincare for sun damage prevention will come down to what your daily routine looks like. It is important to note that you are still susceptible to UV exposure on cloudy days, during winter and even indoors if you are in a sunlit room. If you only go outside for short time periods or you mostly stay indoors, SPF15 should be good. If you work outdoors or plan to be outside for an extended period, SPF30 or higher is recommended.

How much SPF sunscreen to use on face exactly? The recommended amount for an adult is 5ml (about one teaspoon). The Cancer Council states that adults should use 5ml for each arm, each leg, front of the body, back of the body and upper body (face, neck and ears) which totals 35ml (or around seven teaspoons). SPF sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours of sun exposure and directly after swimming or excessive sweating.

Don’t stress, makeup lovers! You can still wear sunscreen underneath makeup! Just be sure to let it set for a few minutes as it may dilute or interact with the makeup ingredients and become less effective.

If you are in need of some sunscreen for face and body wear or would like to shop more products with SPF, be sure to check out our Sun Protection products here.

Stay sun safe!

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