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Activate your best skin yet with Balance Active, a skincare brand that is committed to providing its users with the highest quality skincare at much more realistic prices than luxury brands.

Balance Active utilises active levels of high quality and clinically proven ingredients along with the newest technology to develop top performing skincare products for people of all skin types to achieve their best skin yet.

Their award-winning product ranges have been proven to improve the appearance of dehydrated skin and wrinkles from the very first use as ingredients such as brightening Vitamin C, moisturising Hyasol PF, moisturising Ceramides, healing Colloidal Gold and protective Marine Collagen penetrate the skin to work their magic.

Tired of a dull and even complexion with dark spots? Try the Vitamin C Brightening Serum or give your skin a Supershot of 12% Vitamin C. Sick of fine lines and wrinkles? Give the Gold + Marine Collagen Rejuvenating Serum a whirl. There is something for everyone with carefully curated and dermatologically tested products that are free from harmful chemicals, gluten, parabens and dyes. 

Perfect your complexion and achieve your greatest #SkinGoals with the help of Balance Active’s targeted product range by shopping online at Cosmetic Capital.

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