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Cult beauty is a term that describes the brands and products that have been creating a buzz in the beauty sphere IRL and online and generating masses of dedicated, loyal fans, whether that be for their uniqueness and innovation, their out-of-this world pigmentations and finishes, their impressive efficacy and longevity or even their cute and aesthetic Instagram-worthy packaging.

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Cult beauty brands and products are the talk of social media, makeup artists and sometimes even celebrities. This widespread attention causes these products to fly off the shelves as fans stock their carts in fear that they won’t be able to get their hands on them next time around because they’re just that awesome.

The word ‘cult’ in the term ‘cult beauty’ does not refer to anything related to religion or devotion but rather a large community of passionate fans who absolutely love a particular beauty product or brand. Compare it to the large fanbases that swarm popular performing artists or the thousands of sporting fans who attend each and every match - rain, hail or shine. These brands and products are either advocated for by respected public figures with large followings or have been released by alternative indie brands who are offering something interesting and unique. A lot of people love the idea of exclusivity and status, so by using cult beauty products from cult beauty brands, a person automatically becomes a part of an elite clique of makeup enthusiasts who are in-the-know about what’s trending and what works.

The idea of cult beauty originated long before the Internet at a time when you would have to read through magazine articles to find out exactly which lipstick the glamorous models were wearing on the runways. Now, we are able to browse products from cult beauty brands in the comfort on our own homes using our computers, tablets and phones. Then, with a click of a button, it’s ours.

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