Toners are one of the most overlooked skincare products. You may think, “but if I use a moisturiser, I don’t need a toner”. Well, moisturisers will undoubtedly make your skin feel a little more nourished, but a toner is going to completely restore the health of your skin.

Toners are water-based skincare products that have been infused with moisturisers, oils and other extracts to renew and protect the skin. Toners hydrate, soothe inflamed skin, shrink pores, cleanse away excess makeup and debris, balance out oily skin, create a protective barrier and restore the skins pH balance that can be damaged through harsh soaps and cleansers.

And what does a damaged skin pH balance lead to? Dry, inflamed skin and accelerated aging.

We’ll take 100 of your best toners, please!

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