If you’ll ever do anything kind to your skin, do have a dip in the Pond. Smoother than a baby’s bottom is the kind of skin these guys can deliver. It’s a big call, we know, oh we know, read on for details on the smoothest operator since that song. You know the one.

Pond’s Cream was invented by a pharmacist called Theron T Pond. He ingeniously extracted a healing tea from a plant called witch hazel, the extract was to prove rather magical, so it figures.

The product that came out of this discovery was called “Golden Treasure”, no reason to beat around the bush, it certainly heralded a golden future for skin care. Oh yeah and all this happened in 1846. Ponds has been around for 160 years. They KNOW skin.

In the 1990s The Pond’s Institute was established. To push, pioneer, challenge, discover and highlight every aspect of skin and skin care. And the personnel, well, they’ve got over 700 scientists and skin specialists enlisted to advance research and diagnostics.

Now based in New York City, Ponds shows no signs of slowing their innovative and revolutionary skincare zealousness. They keep right on providing us with products that’ll ensure our skin is strong and soft, in one glorious massage on to our visages. Yus. And please. And more thanks.

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