The beauty tips to survive the heat


The beauty tips to survive the heat

Summer is a tough time for beauty lovers. It’s especially hard for us Aussie folk who only just endured a heatwave with more to come. Awesome! Not.

After somehow surviving many a summer and getting through a great deal of obligatory functions, we’ve managed to conjugate a few beauty tips to help you tackle summer head-on.

Ready to make a splash? Let’s dive in!

#1 Less is more

We know what it’s like to be told to wear less makeup. It’s borderline blasphemy.

If you want to wear a full face of makeup on a 40+ degree day, then sister slay. But you can still make an impact with just a few makeup staples.

Instead of going in with a heavy foundation, you might want to opt for a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with SPF protection.

Perhaps you might skip eyeshadow entirely and just focus on defined brows and a generous coating of mascara instead.

If you’re going somewhere special, finish off your look with a boldly coloured lipstick to make the party goers think that you tried. Trust me, it works every time!

#2 When there’s a ‘waterproof’ version, take it

The best way to ensure that your makeup stays in place all day regardless of how much you may be sweating is to make the switch to waterproof makeup. If you aren’t allergic, of course!

Waterproof is the best option for summer because a) You’re going to sweat, and b) Pool parties, obvi.

There are a tonne of waterproof makeup products out there from concealers to liners to lipsticks.

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#3 Go heatless on your hair

As a frizzy-haired lass myself, I know how daunting the idea of heatless hair is. But I also know how much it sucks to use heated styling tools when the weather is hot enough. Not to mention, all that hard work just goes to waste once you step outside. Thanks, humidity.

Summer is the best time to experiment with heatless hairstyles and keep your locks in check with styling sprays, serums and mousses.

Heatless hair is the best option in summer and it will also benefit you in the long run. We love a win-win!

We know the pain!

#4 Don’t ditch the deodorant

We know that deodorant is a bit of an awkward topic but sweat is real and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

To avoid the nasty body odour and unsightly sweat patches, make sure you are investing in a good quality deodorant that will see you through the hottest summer days.

And to finish off this list sounding like a pestering mother, don’t forget your sunscreen!

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