Beauty FAQs

Are you trying to work out what 'baking' is? Or maybe why hyaluronic acid is trending? How about the best ways to use dry shampoo? Or how to make your nail polish dry faster?

Well wonder no more! We've put together these guides to answer all your beauty questions!


At Cosmetic Capital we are proud to offer genuine branded cosmetics. In Australia it is illegal to sell counterfeit or fake items. We would never engage in this practice. We guarantee that all our products are authentic and genuine. Please refer to our Google Verified Customer Reviews for genuine customer feedback if you have any uncertainties (we are proud to have a 98% positive feedback rating!)

At Cosmetic Capital, we use our unique relationships with cosmetic manufacturers, local distributors, overseas partners, clearance houses, and retail stores, to source the best deals on cosmetics that are available. We literally search the globe for the best deals around. We have forged these relationships over many years. We don’t like to boast, but we are the experts in finding great deals.

Some of the products we run are ‘discontinued’ cosmetics from the largest companies like L’Oreal (who own the brands L’Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Essie), Revlon and Coty (who own the brands Max Factor and CoverGirl).

Discontinued products occur when a brand decides it no longer wishes to manufacture a certain product into the future. The brand then deems the product as ‘discontinued’.

These products are not expired, are perfect to use, and have often been the best-selling, trusted favourite item to thousands of people for many, many years.

However, as these products are no longer being manufactured, once we sell out of our supply, we will never be able to get them again. If you notice that your favourite lipstick or foundation no longer appears in stores, and we have it on sale at Cosmetic Capital, don’t delay, stock up right now because it may be gone forever very shortly!

RRP is the acronym for Recommended Retail Price. When a brand provides their product to a retailer, they provide the suggested price to sell this item at. Cosmetic Capital will list an items RRP, this has been provided by the brand owner and has been sold in other retail stores at this price.

If in the rare instance you have suffered an allergic reaction to a product, please discontinue use of the product immediately, take a photo of the reaction, and email our customer service team at  who will then assist you with organising a return for this item.

Return postage will be at the customers expense.

Returns for allergic reactions will be resolved in the form of a store credit.

Please note that any product that has been used for an extended period of time, or has had more than 20% of product used, will not be eligible for a return.

While Cosmetic Capital provides a transparent RRP for reference for our customers, we often opt to sell items well below their RRP at our own discretion. Please note that our selling price is not that item's RRP, it is the arbitrary price we offer to our customers in our aim to provide amazing value on the items we sell. When we refer to an RRP, this represents what the brand recommends selling the item for, as well as what the item has been sold for by traditional retailers including Pharmacies and Supermarkets.