Are your lashes on the thinner side? Are they shorter than you’d like? Do they lack volume and never hold their curl? Whatever your lash insecurities may be, mascara is here to save the day!

These days, there is a mascara formula for everything – defining, lengthening, thickening, curling, volumizing, you name it. There are hundreds of mascaras out there with specific, targeted ingredients and carefully crafted wands to help you achieve the exact style and hold you are after to create a glamorous and luscious lash look.

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How to apply mascara?

The eyes are the window to the soul so even on those days when everything is going wrong, you’re running late and your hair won’t do what it’s supposed to, mascara and a bit of nude lipstick can still save your look even if you don’t have the time for a contour and your favourite blush tone. The secret to applying the perfect mascara is as much in the quality of the product that you’re wearing as it is in your application technique.

Here, we’ve put together some basic steps for everyday mascara wear designed to help you navigate your luscious lashes and bring your beautiful eyes to life.


#1 – Which mascara?

Beauty brands abound and there are a lot of different colours, application brushes, types and styles of mascara to choose from. If you’re new to the world of makeup or you’ve been using a specific brand for years now, then stepping out into the makeup world on the hunt for a new mascara can seem a little daunting at the beginning. Never fear, we’re here to help.

Choosing the right colour is half the battle won.

When searching for your new perfect mascara, there are some basic things to consider that will help you narrow the field of choice. The first is the colour. Black and blue-black mascaras are hugely popular, known for really opening up the eye and letting the iris pop. Dramatic black mascara can help to draw attention to your eyes but sometimes not all attention is good attention. Overdoing it can actually close up your eyes, if it’s not balanced out by the rest of your makeup. If you’re going for a gentle everyday look then it might be better to match your mascara colour with your hair tone. Dark tones go with dark tones while light tones often benefit from brown-blacks and straight browns.

Knowing what you want your mascara to do will help you select the style and brand that works best for you.

What are you looking for in a mascara? Do you want to lengthen your eyelashes or are you looking to make them look full and lustrous? Or both? There is a range of great affordable brands which offer you a range of features from plumping to lengthening and everything in between. If you have short eyelashes then opt for a lengthener and team it up with a lash conditioner that will promote growth and healthy lashes. For anyone with lovely long lashes, choose a volumizer that will plump up and densify your lashes to give you that classic, doe-eyed Hollywood glamour look. Waterproof mascaras give you the confidence of all-day wear, no matter how the weather is. Even an emotional weather won’t dampen your style or leave you with big panda eyes at the end of the day.


2# - Preparation

Sure, you could just dab some mascara and shoot out the door but taking a few minutes to prepare and prime your lashes helps to keep them healthy and full, even when you’re not wearing any mascara. No matter what kind of makeup you’re putting on, always start with a clean and freshly moisturised face. Old traces of makeup or last night’s night cream left on can ruin a look not to mention block your pores and promote blemishes and pimples. Gently cleanse your eyes with your favourite cleanser and follow up with a light eye cream designed to brighten and tighten the skin around your eyes.

If you have a lash conditioner then definitely apply it too. Lash conditioners are designed to lengthen and intensify your lashes. They’re full of great vitamins and minerals, promoting healthy growth and volume.

Once your eyes are clean and conditioned, curl those lashes with your favourite hand curler. This is definitely a prep step that you don’t want to skip. Curling your lashes pulls them up and out, increase the space beneath them and essentially opens up your eye. If you’ve never bothered with a curler before, we urge you to give it a try. Curlers are quick and easy to use and affordable.


3# - Coating the wand but never pumping!

The applicator brush that comes with your mascara needs to have plenty of product on it for a smooth and even application of mascara. Think of your mascara wand to be an oil paintbrush and your lashes as the latest masterpiece you’re working on. Swirl the wand around the tube of mascara evenly and slowly and don’t pump the wand. Pumping the wand introduces air into the tube which creates pockets and, eventually, clumping mascara that never goes on smoothly.


4# - Slow application

Don’t rush. Taking your time actually helps to achieve a smoother consistency that requires less rework in the long run so actually saves you time. If you are running late and you’re dreading that look on your boss’ face, take a breath and remind yourself that your eyes are worth the time and the effort you’re about to give them. If you’re going to be yelled at for being late then you may as well look fantastic.

Your top lashes and your bottom lashes are usually very different so you might even consider using different products or a different applicator with smaller bristles.

Starting at the roots, gently pull the wand up the stem of your lashes to the tip. Always start at the roots, leaving the bulk of the product closer to your eyelid. This helps to give your roots definition and won’t weigh down your lashes. The ends should spring up after curling, looking light and delicate.

If there are lumps or clumps in your lashes after applying then take a clean, dry wand and comb your lashes clear of those unsightly clumps.

For anyone looking for a voluminous and dramatic look, consider a second coat of mascara and curling your lashes a second time once your mascara is dry. You might also want to experiment with dabbing some translucent powder across your lashes first to puff them out.


How to remove waterproof mascara?

Makeup removal products should be strong enough to remove your waterproof mascara. Using a soft cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover, take your time and gently wipe the mascara away. It’s a slow process but don’t be tempted to scrub them. This results in a loss of lashes and might leave you with red and puffy eyes.


How often should you change your mascara?

Experts advise that the maximum lifespan of your tube of mascara is about three months. You double-dip into mascara tubes so it’s important to keep them fresh to avoid soiling the product and transferring infections to your eyes.


Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Always check with the beautician who applied your extensions whether they are okay to use with mascara and other beauty products before you experiment to ensure that you’re not damaging your new lashes.


How to make your mascara last longer?

Has your favourite mascara dried up? All is not lost. A little bit of heat will usually help to loosen up the product within your tube so if you have the time, place the tube into a mug of warm water. If you don’t have the time for that then a couple of drops of saline solution should do the trick. Drop them into the tube and swirl the wand around until the product is loose and moist again.


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