There’s no point curling your lashes if it’s not going to be followed up with a super pigmented and volumising mascara.

Mascara holds that sweeping curl in place, combs through unruly lashes and moulds them into whichever shape you desire. From their soothing formulas, long-lasting matte and satin finishes, their universal shades to their specially crafted wands, mascaras are tailored to meet your needs for eye-opening lift, curl, volume, definition, length, wispiness or total drama.

Gone are the days of looking like a racoon or being too afraid to watch Titanic in fear of ruining your mascara with the development of waterproof mascara. Whether it's a high-performance volumisng mascara from L'Oreal, a waterproof formulation from Maybelline, an enriching mascara from BYS or a formulation packed with colourful pigment from NYX, mascara is an absolute lifesaver.

We recommend trying Maybelline mascara’s, which have been top-rated by our verified customers.

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