Natio is a proud, family-owned, Australian brand that was founded on the philosophy that nature nurtures best. Their name is Latin for ‘creation’ and the ancient name for the Goddess of Nature which encapsulates their ethos and deep appreciation for the healing powers and unique beauty of the natural world.

The brand has continued to develop, evolve and grow since its launch in 1993, now offering an extensive range of premium quality skincare and colour cosmetics. Their gentle yet effective formulas are comprised of the finest natural botanical oils, potent plant and flower extracts and pure essential oils and their product range is inspired by the Australian spirit and lifestyle – natural, easy-going, unique, diverse and real.

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Is Natio cruelty free?

Natio is 100% Cruelty Free. They gained their accreditation with Choose Cruelty Free in 1996.

Natio’s care and compassion for animals goes beyond their products. They also support the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, a hospital where the very best wildlife veterinarians in the country are working hard to deliver expert care to vulnerable, sick and injured Australian wildlife.

Where is Natio made?

Natio is a proudly Australian family-owned business. Their head office is based in Melbourne, Australia. They source materials, packaging and ingredients from local Australian suppliers and their products themselves are inspired by the Australian landscape, spirit and lifestyle.

Natio is also part of APCO – the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation – to implement strategies that will reduce their impact on the precious Australian environment such as investing in solar energy and reducing unnecessary plastic use within their supply chain.

Which Natio products are best?

Natio offers a large range of premium quality skincare and colour cosmetics formulated with the finest natural botanical oils, potent plant and flower extracts and pure essential oils.

Some of their best sellers include the Natio Rosewater Moisture Balance SPF 50+ Day Cream which provides sun protection, hydration, moisture and care for delicate facial skin and Natio Rosewater Drench Mineral Face Mist which refreshes and provides lasting hydration for all skin types through the use of skin-balancing Rosewater and Hyaluronate.