Bioderma was established by French pharmacist and biologist Jean-Noël Thorel who was a believer and advocate for the idea that the skin should be taught and trained to heal itself rather than be over-treated.

For over 40 years, Bioderma has committed themselves to preserving lasting healthy skin by formulating and launching multiple skincare products that are based around the innovative and revolutionary philosophy that the skin is a living ecosystem that is continuously interacting and changing in accordance to its environment and, therefore, should be encouraged to remedy its own imbalances.

Working in collaboration with healthcare professionals across the globe, Bioderma have been able to provide products that treat any skin type – dry, atopic, reactive or acne-prone – in a way that is user-friendly, accessible and safe. Their products are formulated in accordance with health authority recommendations and dermatology learning societies and each product goes through a process of systemic safety, efficacy tests and tolerance tests with the supervision of expert dermatologists, allergists and toxicologists.

Bioderma is loved by customers and pharmacists alike and is supported by 33,000 dermatologists world-wide. Bioderma has you covered with moisturisers, cleansers, anti-blemish solutions, makeup removers, eye creams and anything else your skin may need.

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