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Ardell lashes are the market leader in false lashes and are an essential for a strong brow game. More recently Ardell have become famous for their magnetic lashes, as well as the Demi Wispies false lash that has always been their best-selling product.  Ardell create natural looking, gorgeously lush faux lashes for any look and occasion. At Cosmetic Capital, we are proud to offer a wide range of lashes as well as many other makeup essentials, from foundation to Hair Colour and everything in-between.


Where are Ardell Lashes made

Ardell was founded in 1971 by Arnold and Sydell Miller who aimed to add realistic volume and length to short, stubby lashes. Their popularity skyrocketed as the decades passed and people fell in love with the natural look and feel that Ardell lashes provided. Ardell lashes are now one of the world’s best-selling fake eyelash brands adored by fans, beauty professionals and Hollywood makeup artists. Most Ardell lashes are manufactured in Indonesia, the home of almost all false lash manufacturing worldwide!


Are Ardell Lashes reusable?

Ardell Lashes can be reused up to 15 times if you don’t coat the lashes with mascara. If you prefer a mascara finish after applying the lashes to create a more blended look with your natural lashes, then Ardell Lashes should last up to five times. If you want to extend the life of your lashes after using mascara with them, make sure to gently clean the lashes after you take them off in a small bowl of warm water and a small amount of antibacterial wash.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes can be used up to 30 times as they don’t require adhesive.


How to apply Ardell Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes are the new trend from Ardell and are a sure-fire way to raise the stakes on any look. They differ from traditional lashes in that they use magnets to stick to your lash line, not glue. To apply Ardell Magnetic Lashes follow these steps.


#1 Choose your lashes

Find the Ardell Magnetic Lash style you want to use. You will find that these lashes have two lashes for the upper lid and, in some cases, two lashes for the bottom lid.


#2 Apply mascara before putting on your lashes

Applying mascara before you put on your lashes creates grip for the magnets in the lashes. You can apply a standard mascara, or a specific Magnetic Lash mascara.


#3 Apply the lashes

Use the Ardell Magnetic Lash Applicator to grip the upper lid lash. Attach it to your top lash line. Now pick up the second lash and attach it to the bottom under the top lash line. Quickly press the Applicator to get the two strips to align and stick together. Repeat for the bottom lash (if applicable). Then repeat on the other eye.


#4 Removing the lashes

To remove your magnetic lashes, gently hold the corner of the lash and pull down and away from your lash line. Make sure to clean your lashes after you remove them to get the most uses out of them.


Don’t forget, practice makes perfect with magnetic lashes. It may take a few attempts before you become an expert.


How to use Ardell Lash Remover

Ardell Lash Remover is the simple, no fuss way to remove your false lashes. Lightly soak two cotton swabs with the lash remover. Place one swap above the lashes and one below. Gently massage the two swabs back and forth until the lashes fall off. Make sure you clean your lashes to remove any leftover adhesive on the lashes.


Where to buy Ardell Lashes

You can buy Ardell lashes, applicators, adhesives and lash removers online at Cosmetic Capital. Ardell has everything your lashes need so search our online collection of Ardell and stock up on everything you need.

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