Eyeshadow is the ultimate tool for creativity when it comes to makeup. There is an abundance of eyeshadow products and palettes on the market covering a full colour spectrum from blue eyeshadow to green eyeshadow and every neutral eyeshadow in between.

Eyeshadow exists in a range of formulas from matte and satin to metallic and glitter eyeshadow as well as powder, cream and liquid eyeshadow.

An eyeshadow palette is the beauty enthusiasts equivalent to the artist’s palette. Play with colour and shop eyeshadow online at Cosmetic Capital. Shop easily and conveniently with Regular and Express shipping options and buy now and pay later payment methods Afterpay and zipPay.

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The eyes are the window to the soul and eyeshadow is the best way to draw attention to your eyes, whether it’s a natural-looking day look or something more dramatic for special occasions. Eyeshadow allows you to create a whole host of looks and moods from smoky eyes, perfect for low-lit indoor occasions, to gentle neutral tones for daily wear like shopping and lunch with your friends. At Cosmetic Capital, you can order all your favourite eyeshadow shades and a lot of other branded makeup, skincare, and hair care products online.


How to use eyeshadow for beginners?

Using eyeshadow looks trickier than it really is. We’ve put together some basic tips to get you started and once you’ve mastered a natural look, you can start to get really creative. Try matching your eyeshadow and lipstick for a complete look or use your eyeshadow palette for blush when you’re stuck for options. Better yet, search online for our blush options and ensure you never run dry! Another top tip is to match your nail polish from brands like Sally Hansen and NYX Australia with your eyeshadow or lip colour.


#1 – Makeup brushes

There are countless eyeshadow brushes available and you ideally will want about three of them eventually but to get you started, opt for an all-purpose two-ended brush with an oval-shaped brush at one end for applying the pigment and a longer bristled end for blending.


#2 – Building up a base

Once you have primed your eyes – you can choose from dedicated eye primers or a general makeup primer, depending on your budget – you’ll need to build up your base of colour. All makeup application works best when you build from the base upward and eyeshadow is no different.

There are four shades to master the perfect eye:

  1. Neutral undertone for the eyelid
  2. Medium tone for the crease of your lid
  3. Dark tones for the outer corner of your eye
  4. Light tones for the inner corner of your eye


How to choose the right tones for your eyes?

Blue eyes work best with reds, yellows, orange, and purple (purple is a great all-rounder which works to brighten tired-looking eyes).

Brown eyes work best with greens, golds, grey, and purple.

Green eyes are very versatile so experiment with reds, yellows, gold, purple, and grey.


Starting with your base neutral tone, sweep evenly and lightly over the eyelid, stopping short of the brow bone. Next, using the fluffy end of your eyeshadow brush, choose your medium tone and apply it to the crease of your eye. Always use half of the pigment that you think you need and build lightly on top with more colour if you need to. It’s much easier to deepen colours than lighten them once you have applied them.

You can finish there if you want to but for a more polished look, take the angled end of your eyeshadow brush and apply a small amount to the outer corner of your eye. This helps to define your eyes even more, brightening your whites and irises.

Using a completely clean brush, gently blend all of the tones to develop a seamless look.


How to do perfect eyebrows with eyeshadow?

Defining your eyebrows will complete your overall look and you achieve this using either specialist eyebrow products that look a bit like mascara or by using your eyeshadow palette. Ideally, you’ll have:

●      An eyebrow spoolie brush (looks a bit like a mascara wand)

●      An angled eyebrow brush

Put a little bit of pigment on your angled brush and, starting a few millimetres away from the actual start of your eyebrow, brush the pigment onto your eyebrows. You don’t want the start of your eyebrow to be too dark as this will look heavy and unnatural. Now trace the underside of your eyebrow with the angled brush and a little of the pigment.

Use your spoolie brush to evenly comb the pigment through your eyebrows. You can comb upwards first to ensure the pigment is even and then flatten the eyebrow down again by combing outwards.


How to apply cream gel eyeshadow?

Cream gel eyeshadows look smoky and sultry and can be applied using either your finger (ensure it is freshly cleaned and dried to avoid transferring oils and thinning out the colour) or an eyebrow brush. Always tap off your brush after dipping it into your pigment to ensure that you’re not carrying too much pigment on to your skin.

Blending is key and you need to work a little more quickly to blend cream gel eyeshadows than with powder eyeshadows as you don’t want them to set too early. Always use a clean soft brush to blend your colours and sweep outward, toward your hairline with the pigment.


Can eyeshadow be used as a bronzer?

Absolutely! Dual-purpose tones are a great way to ensure that you’re always purchasing the highest quality products but getting the best value for money. Use eyeshadows with red, yellow, and orange undertones, just like an actual bronzer, to achieve your desired look. Always remember to blend, blend, blend to ensure a natural-looking finish.


What is the best eyeshadow palette to buy?

Eyeshadow is designed to define the eye by creating shadow and depth behind it and using the actual eye itself as the highlight. To achieve this takes at least two different tones and ideally four. As we mentioned earlier, there are four shades to the perfect eye.

The best eyeshadow palette should include all of your most desired colours as well as a selection of neutral base tones. Choose quality brands known for high use of pigment as this translates to a brilliant colour – one that lasts the entire day (or evening!). A good eyeshadow palette should be able to seamlessly and easily take you from a toned-down and matte day look to a brilliant and dramatic evening look.

Working with darker tones to create drama can be tricky when you’re just starting or beginning to experiment. If you’re having trouble blending your pigment to create a natural colour blend, then try using some translucent powder as an extra base. This will help you create a seamless blend between tones with a soft, bushy brush.


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