A full set of lashes can seriously change up your look but heading out to a salon to get a lash lift or lash extensions can be costly and time consuming.

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Eyelashes are essential for any glamorous look, but what if you don't have the most voluminous or naturally curled lashes in existence? That's okay! Layer on some fluttery looking false lashes or natural wispies and bam! You're rocking a killer eye-look in seconds! Today you can access lash extensions, lash growth serum, and even magnetic lashes all online from Cosmetic Capital. Whether you're after something whimsically wispy from Ardell, after some subtle accents from BYS, or going for NYX wilder designs, you're bound to find falsies tailored to your need. A first-timer in the falsie game? No worries! We have plenty of application tools and accessories designed to ensure a correct and stress-free application every time.


How to apply false lashes

Wearing false lashes can transform a look but the application process takes some practice. The number one rule is take your time and relax – it takes everyone a few goes at the start to master the craft.

To apply your new falsies, follow these steps:


1. Prepare

Grab your lashes, glue and tweezers.

If you haven’t bought lashes yet, or are looking for a specific type (short, medium, long, full volume or other specific styles) you can search easily through Cosmetic Capital.


2. Trim your lashes

Measure your falsies against your eyelid. Mark with your finger where there is excess lash. Now, take a deep breath and trim that part of the false lash off using your tweezers.

You may want to try this first with an inexpensive set of lashes in case you don’t trust your cutting skills.

Make sure you trim the outer end of the lash, now the inner.

Keep the trimmed lash remains as you can use these later to add something extra to your look once your falsies are on.


3. Apply your glue

Open your lash adhesive and line the lash with glue. You want to make sure the glue is evenly distributed and has time to settle. We recommend waiting about 30 seconds before you go to Step 4.

In that time, you can bend the strips of the lash to make the ends meet. This will distribute the glue evenly and onto the ends of the lash, so they don’t lift when you’re wearing them (hint: you don’t want that to happen!)

If you aren’t a fan of using glue, you can also use an adhesive eyeliner. This will allow you to glue your lashes straight to your lid.


4. Apply your lashes

Firstly, place a mirror under your face. This will allow you to look down at the mirror at an almost 90-degree angle. Your eyelid will extend and you will be able to see where to place the lash easier than if you stare straight into a vertical mirror.

Pick up your lashes with the tweezer. Make sure you don’t close your eyes and apply your lash to your eyelid above your natural lashes.

You can also apply your lashes using your fingers, but if you’re new to fake lashes you will have an easier time using tweezers.


5. Hide the lash strip band

With your lashes on, you now want to hide the evidence of the lash strip band. Use a liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner and draw a line extending the band from where it starts to the inner corner of your eye.

This will give the appearance that the lash band is actually just your normal liner.


6. Take a selfie

Lashes make for the ultimate selfie. Take that picture and then head out to your next adventure.


How to remove lash extensions

Removing your lashes can be quite frightening the first time you try them. You want to make sure you don’t damage your natural lashes, but you also need to get the lashes and glue off your lids.

The best way to remove lash extensions or fake lashes is with an oil-based makeup remover. While you would avoid this while your lash extensions are on, this remover is now your best friend.

This type of remover is strong enough to break the adhesive bonds of the lash extensions, and will comfortably work on at-home fake lashes.

For salon-quality lash extensions, this process won’t completely work. Some other ideas to loosen the adhesive bonds are:

  • Hot showers – The steam will loosen the eyelash glue
  • Castor oil – Use castor oil overnight to dissolve the bonds while you sleep. But be very careful when you apply to only apply to your lashes after removing your eye makeup. You don’t want any oil to get into your eye, and if it does, wash it out immediately.

Above all, don’t pick your fake lashes with a tweezer to remove them if the glue is still too strong. This can severely damage your natural lashes, so steer clear of the tweezers!

Hint: Magnetic Lashes are far easier to remove as they don’t require glue. So if this process is difficult for you, go for Magnetics instead.


How to clean false lashes

We always like to add a coat or two of mascara to our falsies, but keeping them clean ensures we can keeping using those lashes for as long as possible.

Here are the steps to clean your fake lashes.

  1. Place your lashes on a clean towel.
  2. Get a cotton swab and dip it into an alcohol or oil-free eye makeup remover.
  3. Using the cotton swab, gently rub away excess makeup and glue from the lashes and lash bands.
  4. Dip another cotton swab into warm water and use this to clean away any remaining mascara from the lashes.
  5. Then, gently peel away any remaining glue from the lashes that may have remained attached.
  6. Let your lashes air dry on the towel. Don’t squeeze them dry – this will damage the lashes.


Are faux mink lashes cruelty-free?

Faux mink lashes are designed to mimic the look and feel of mink lashes, however using a synthetic material which makes them a great vegan option.

And yes they are cruelty free. No minks were hurt in the making of Faux Mink Lashes!


What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are false lashes that secure to each other and your lash line with tiny magnets. Today they even can be applied with the assistance of a magnetic eyeliner, which works like a regular eyeliner with iron oxides, and the tiny magnets in the lashes link onto this and hold in place. These ingredients are completely safe and have been tested to ensure that they won’t irritate your eyes. Magnetic lashes are great for quick application, and if you can master them they can really take your false lash game to the next level!


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