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We hear the same old question over and over. “How does drawing fine lines on your eyelid make any difference to your makeup?” Oh honey, allow me to stop you right there.

Eyeliner can be applied in several different ways to emulate any effect you desire to complete your intended look. From the softer old-vintage lines of pencil liners, the ultra-sultry smudged look of powdered eyeliners, to the sleek-look of gel liners that glide effortlessly on the lid to the super sharp and clean cut finish of liquid formulas, eyeliner is a makeup lover's must-have for final finishing touches.

Apart from differing formulas, eyeliners come in a selection of different shades. From classic blacks, browns to even whites and striking cobalt blues, eyeliners come in a plethora of finishes from metallic, matte, satin and glossy to complement your specific eye-look.

Go bold with pops of colour from Maybelline and NYX or feel beautiful and feminine with the help of L'Oreal and BYS.

If you’re struggling with winged eyeliner (as we all have at some stage!), click here to check out our guide on how to apply liquid eyeliner.

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