We can’t even count how many men we’ve heard say, “How does drawing lines on your eyelid make any difference to your makeup?”. Oh honey, let me stop you right there.

Eyeliner can be applied in several different ways, emulating any effect you desire to complete your intended look.

Eyeliner pencils create softer lines, define the waterline and can be smoked out for a sexy, sultry look. Gel liners glide along the lash line with your liner brush guiding the way, and liquid liners create those same sharp lines, except they utilize a thinner formula for creating thin wings and adding the finishing touches to a range of different SFX makeup looks.

Apart from their differing formulas, eyeliners also come in a selection of different colours such as black, brown, blue and white, and also come in matte, satin and glossy finishes.

If you’re struggling with winged eyeliner (as we all have at some stage!), click here to check out our guide on how to apply liquid eyeliner. 

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