Eyeliner is one of those makeup products that can seriously change up and elevate your look. It can easily redefine and transform your overall look depending on its formula or its colour. You can smoke things out with a black or brown pencil eyeliner for a sultry look, intimidate and captivate with a sleek cat-eye from a precise liquid eyeliner or keep things fun, fresh and funky with a graphic coloured eyeliner. There’s nothing that makes a statement quite like a colourful eyeliner!

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Big, small, hooded, or round – whichever shape your eyes are, you can beautify them with an eyeliner. And every time you’re looking for the right eyeliner for your eyes, you can count on Cosmetic Capital’s online store. Whether you’re searching for a pencil, gel, or liquid eyeliner – we have the best makeup brands from around the world available at the best prices.


How to apply eyeliner?

Eyeliner is the trickiest thing to apply and it takes years of practice to absolutely nail the look that you’re going for. It’s probably amongst the first lot of makeup products that you started experimenting with and you probably already know how annoying it is to get it wrong. Removing an eyeliner can sometimes be tougher than the actual process of application. Here we’ll take you through some general dos and don’ts about eyeliner that will help you choose the right kind of product and brand for the look that you’re looking to create.


#1 Apply precise lines

The smoky look is brilliant but it’s not always practical for every event. For a relaxed and natural-looking day wear, a precise line along your eyelids look great. The first tip to always nailing your eyeliner lines is only using a sharp eyeliner pencil. Dull eyeliners can smudge more easily, and they can also cut the fine skin around your eyes. Always freshly sharpen your eyeliner pencil before applying.


#2 Not transferring your eyeliner to the crease of your eyelid

There’s nothing worse than nailing that gorgeous liquid eyeliner line and then opening your eyes only to leave a stamp and smudge of liner on the crease of your eyelid. If you have smaller eyes or oily skin, then it’s a good idea to aim a bit higher on your eyelid and increase the arc of the line. This will help to open your eyes more fully and can help to keep your eyeliner in place.


#3 Playing with eyeliner shades

Getting a new shade right takes time and trial. For bold shades of eyeliner, choose either the upper or lower lashes to accentuate rather than both at the same time. This will help to define the look that you’re going for. Team it with some more neutral shades of eyeshadow to really make your eyes pop.


#4 Matching your wing tips

Getting two even lines take some time to master but a good trick while you’re starting out is to make the line as thin as possible and then build it out if you need it. Applying more colour is always a lot easier than removing excess colour. Start slow and small and then build out gently to get the desired look.

To ensure that your wings are matching on both sides, put a small dot of the liner where the line should finish on both eyes before applying.


#5 Non-smudge eyes

If you’re struggling with your eyeliner to get a clean and smoky look then choosing a waterproof eyeliner brand might do the trick. Use just a little eyeshadow and a dusting of translucent powder with one of your precision eye makeup brushes to keep the liner in place and stop it from transferring or smudging out.


#6 Get a gap-free look

Applying eyeliner often calls for some tricky movements and angles in front of the mirror. To help you fill in the gaps, angle your eyelid slightly upwards and follow the contour with your eyeliner. This will help reveal all of the skin folds and avoid the dreaded gaps.


Does eyeliner make your eyes look bigger?

Eyeliner has the power to open up or close down your eyes, depending on how you apply it, where you apply and what you match it with. If you’re looking to open up smaller eyes then play with darker colours very gently, concentrating them on the outer part of your eyelid and under your eye. Use a light shade on the inside of the eye and a neutral shade like a peach for the eyelid. Experiment with the contour that you have created, concentrating on darker shades further away from the inner part of your eye and only in the crease of your eyelid.

If you have large eyes, then you can afford to concentrate the colour on the eyelid, however, if your eyes are a little close together or you are heavy-lidded then try to concentrate the colour within the crease instead. This will help to lighten your eyes and open them up.


How to make liquid eyeliner stay on all day?

L’Oreal is among the masters of beauty and the professional stylists within their team suggest following a few simple rules to ensure that your liquid eyeliner stays in place all day long.


#1 Using a makeup primer

A good quality primer creates a smooth base for your makeup, evening out your skin, and locking in precious moisture to keep your skin hydrated. If you don’t have any primer left but still want a great looking eye, then use your foundation or your concealer to prime the fine skin around your eyes.


#2 Waterproof products

Waterproof eyeliner won’t budge under the stress of perspiration, a tearful moment, or the rain.


#3 Tracing a line

Tracing a fine line with an eyeliner pencil before you commit with your liquid and waterproof products will help you nail your lines and prevent uneven or smudgy lines.


#4 Translucent powder

Translucent powder is a great setting agent, drying out liquid products quickly and keeping them in place, where you actually want them to be. Use a fine dusting of product to set your eye makeup, including your eyeliner.


#5 Setting sprays

Finally, makeup setting sprays are designed specifically to keep all of your makeup in place all day long. Browse our collection and you’ll find a variety of products to choose from the best beauty brands on the planet.


How to keep your eyeliner from running?

Eyeliner running can be a messy affair. Whether you’ve been caught in a thunderstorm, a moist and humid room for too long, or trapped in a highly emotional moment, your eyeliner will often be the first victim. Unlike other makeup, touching up your eyeliner takes time and it can’t always be fixed quickly in the public bathroom. Choose a waterproof product to ensure that it doesn’t go anywhere, no matter what your day throws at you. There is a great range of waterproof eyeliners to choose from online at Cosmetic Capital.


How to smoke out eyeliner?

Smoking out your eyeliner gives your eyes a soft and sultry look and even a little smoking in your day wear can make a big difference. The secret to really good smoky eyes is in the blending. Use a gold eyeshadow base and then a crisp eyeliner line on your upper lid. With a flat-edged eye brush, gently smoke out the line upwards, blending into the gold eyeshadow pigment.


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