Olaplex are famous for their patented bond-building hair treatments. Their haircare range has been built from this amazing formula to include treatments, shampoo, conditioner, serums and colour shampoo. Often referred to as the worlds best haircare brand, Olaplex consistently receives the best customer reviews on their products. Buy Olaplex in Australia at the best prices online and have your products delivered quickly at Cosmetic Capital!

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Your hair is made up of millions of disulfide bonds that are responsible for giving your hair its structure, strength and consistency. Damaged hair is the result of broken disulfide bonds and it’s the job of Olaplex to return your hair to its former glory. It does this by repairing these delicate bonds and restoring beauty, depth and stability to your hair. How does it do this? Olaplex has been scientifically formulated to restore damaged or compromised hair by repairing each strand from the inside out using a patented single ingredient, bis-amino diglycol dimaleate. When you see beautiful, shining and healthy hair, you’re seeing those bonds within intact and in alignment. That’s what Olaplex offers. Find the Olaplex range of haircare and treatments online at Cosmetic Capital, home to all of your favourite beauty brands and products from the world’s best beauty brands.

Olaplex has been designed to target all types of hair damage, offering a holistic treatment option that restores beauty and lustre no matter what the cause of your hair’s decline. One of the biggest causes of consistent hair damage is caused by heat. High levels of heat from curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons can break those disulfide bonds and leave your hair lifeless and dull. Other factors contributing to damage to your hair include chemical treatments like colours, perms, relaxers and even keratin treatments. If you consistently colour or bleach your hair, then you are risking long term damage. It’s the same with perming and chemical relaxers. Every time strong chemicals are introduced to your hair, those special bonds are broken down.

We’ve all been told about how important it is to regularly brush your hair but even brushing can cause damage, particularly if you have stubbornly knotty hair that needs a bit of encouragement and strong tugging when you brush. Finally, the weather also plays a part in hair damage. Just like your face and other sensitive skin areas, your hair is sensitive to the elements like sunlight and UV exposure as well as snap cold weather conditions like snow and very low dry temperatures. Let’s not forget the devastating effects of air pollution and everyone’s nightmare – humidity!


How to use Olaplex?

The brilliant thing about Olaplex is that it’s a general treatment option designed specifically to work on every single hair type. It doesn’t matter whether you have curly hair or straight, thick or thin. Olaplex has something to offer to every hair type, helping to restore its former beauty on a molecular level so that your hair always looks like it’s supposed to – fresh, healthy and shiny.

How you use Olaplex depends on what you’re looking for and how you wish to apply it. Available in various numbers, all the treatments contain the magic – the patented formula responsible for complete hair restoral. For example, the No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner are designed for everyday use, just like your regular shampoo and conditioner (which you can just probably throw out now once your Olaplex arrives).


Does Olaplex help split ends?

Absolutely! Olaplex is a complete haircare regime and treatment option that is designed to restore the chemical bonds in your hair that cause things like hair breakage and split ends. Regular use of the Olaplex range keeps your hair looking like it should all day, every day and no matter what kind of tools and products you use to give your hair volume, get it to stay in your style all day and no matter what the weather throws at you and when. It’s the all-year-around treatment option designed to keep everyone’s hair as healthy as possible.


How long can I leave Olaplex on?

As the Olaplex range comes in various types and forms, each type is designed for a specific time limit. The famous No.3 Hair Perfector needs to be left in damp hair for at the very minimum 10 minutes. The formula has since been tweaked so you can leave it in for even longer but once it reaches 30-45 minutes, particularly once your hair is dry, the treatment has done its job and it’s time to rinse, shampoo, condition and dry off ready for styling.


How often should I get an Olaplex treatment?

Olaplex recommends using the No.3 Hair Perfector atleast once per week as this will continue to strengthen the bonds and repair ongoing damage your hair encounters every day as you style it or colour it. For very damaged hair, Olaplex recommends that you use it on your hair as many as twice or three times per week until you start to see serious results and then maintain your hair with weekly use.


Where can I buy Olaplex in Australia?

Shop online at Cosmetic Capital for the best prices on Olaplex haircare in Australia. Shipping Olaplex is hassle free, with free delivery Australia wide for orders over $75, plus express delivery available for those wanting their order a little bit faster. Every brand and product available to order on our website, including our range of Olaplex, is genuine. We’re committed to ensuring that everyone can access affordable haircare, skincare, makeup and more and save when they shop online with us.