Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Nothing completes a look quite like a fresh manicure. To a beauty lover, a coat of nail polish makes you feel like you’ve got it all together and can conquer the world! You can keep things perfectly polished and ultra classy with a stunningly shiny clear nail polish or you can make a statement with a bold colour nail polish that complements your outfit. The power is in your hands – literally!

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How to make nail polish dry faster and harder?

You’ve patiently applied your new favourite nail polish to every fingernail and every toe, but you’re terrified that it hasn’t dried completely. You know from experience that even gently testing the newly varnished surface can immediately destroy your new beautiful look, so how to make your nail polish dry faster and harder as soon as possible? Here we’ll tell you some economical ways to help your nail polish dry faster and some sure-fire ways of testing how hard your varnish has dried without ruining your new look.


#1 – Quick dry topcoat

Applying a thin, even coat of a quick-dry top coat is one of the best ways to help your nail polish to settle more quickly. Don’t be tempted to apply too much over your nail polish as this can suffocate the colour beneath and give you a soft, squishy nail covering prone to smudging as soon as you use your hands. Get a good quality topcoat from a brand like Sally Hansen for the best results and be patient! Rushing your nails is never recommended. If you don’t have a solid half an hour for your manicure, then best reschedule it for when you do have the time.


#2 – Use a hairdryer

Your local nail salon will have special UV dryers, but your home hair dryer works just as well. Ensure that the hairdryer setting is ‘cool’ to avoid burning yourself and do one hand at a time. Paint one hand completely then set the hairdryer on it, wait for the nails to completely dry, and then do the other hand. This will ensure you don’t accidentally smudge while you’re hooking up and using your hairdryer.


#3 – Oil

This might sound weird, but it comes from the classic painters of ye olde times! Once you have finished painting your nails, use an eyedropper to drop one or two drops of cooking oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil, even baby oil will work) over the newly painted surface. The oil will thin the varnish, allowing it to dry faster. If the oil forms neat little droplets over your nail, then know that the varnish is dry, and you can gently wipe the excess oil off with a tissue.    


#4 – Use a bowl of cold water

This one takes some preparation time but it’s very effective. Before you start painting, fill a regular bowl large enough for you to fit your painted nails in with cold tap water, and then add a few ice cubes to bring the temperature down even further. When you have finished painting your nails, drop them into the cold water for a good 5 minutes. This will set and harden your nails. When you lift your nails out of the water, the water should bead on top of the varnish. If it’s beading away then you know that your nails are set and you’re good to go.


How to get regular nail polish to last longer?

There’s nothing worse than chipped and cracked nails only moments or a couple of days after you’ve finished painting them or had a professional manicure. Here some hacks you can try at home to help your nail polish last just that little bit longer.


#1 – Prepare your nails

When you have a professional manicure, your salon artist will usually use some nail polish remover even if you don’t have any varnish to be removed ahead of the new colour. The reason they do this is that your nails and hands are covered in natural oils that help humans grip the things they want to touch. By removing these oils, you help your nail polish to stick better to the nail. Varnish that’s applied directly to the nail will last longer with less chance of the colour slipping over the surface of your nail and smudging rather than drying through properly.


#2 – File in one direction only

In the films, a beautician will often file a nail back and forth to shape it, but this is absolutely the wrong technique. Filing in only one direction helps to keep your nail even and will prevent breaks and splits in the uneven surface.


#3 – Use a base coat

Base coats are nice and sticky, helping to keep hold of your nail polish as you paint it on. The key to long-lasting nail polish is adherence to the nail so ensure you’re using a base coat at the very least.


#4 – Apply in lots of thin coats and wait for each coat to dry

When you are applying your nail polish, paint it in thin coats, and gently build the colour up. Don’t be tempted to slop on as much as possible in the hope that you can speed the process up. Lots of thin layers ensure a nice even coverage and a complete dry. Try to apply each new layer only when the last layer has completely dried. This will avoid a surface only dry which will be ruined immediately.


#5 – Seal off the edge of your nail

Your professional nail artist will take a few seconds to seal off the top of your nail as they make their way across your hand. This helps to protect the top of your nail from chips. Don’t use too much; just a brief swipe of the nail polish brush will do.


How to remove nail polish fast?

The best product for removing nail polish is a specialised nail polish remover. There really is no other way that works as well. Acetone based removers work more quickly than non-acetone based removers but these can be very harsh on both your skin and your nails, causing them to dry out, thin, and flake. If you absolutely must use an acetone-based remover then ensure that you use a hand and nail cream regularly afterward to help restore some much-needed moisture and vitamins into your nails.


How to store nail polish?

Even though nail polish technically counts as part of your toiletries, it really shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom. Keeping your nail polish in top condition means keeping it in a cool, dry place where the temperature is fairly consistent. The heat will ruin your nail polish and so will humidity. Get yourself a neat little bag or case (excuse for shopping!) and pop everything you need for home-made mani-pedis in there, complete with your collection of stunning nail polish colours.


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