Hair Care

Hair Care

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How to use hair care products?

Whatever hair care products you’re using, they must be followed as per the maker’s instructions for optimal results. We’ve put together some general guidelines for using the most popular types of hair care products from hair masks through to regular shampoos and conditioners as a quick reference guide. Always ensure that you read the directions for whatever hair care product you have chosen to ensure that you’re applying and rinsing correctly.


Shampoos & Conditioners

Professional hair stylists will recommend that you always shampoo twice and condition your hair once. While it might be tempting to really scrub your scalp and hair when you’re using shampoo, you’ll actually find that a more gentle massage will get you the best results. When your hair is wet it will typically lose up to 20% of its natural elasticity making it more prone to breakage if you’re too rough with it. This is especially important for people with longer hair. Take your time and be gentle about your drying technique too as a rigorous rub with your towel can also cause hair breakage.

For shampooing, wet your hair liberally with water first. Try not to wash your hair in the bath as bubble baths and other additives that relax the muscles may not be suitable for your hair, especially if it has been chemically treated or coloured. Apply your shampoo to the palms of your hands and then gently massage into your scalp using a soft, circular motion to avoid tangling up the strands more than necessary. Now rinse out your hair with water and then shampoo again.

Once your hair has been thoroughly rinsed of any shampoo then it’s time to condition. It’s a good idea to squeeze out any excess moisture before you apply your conditioner, to ensure that the good stuff in top hair care brands like Olaplex and Fanola have the chance to really penetrate the strands of your hair. Try to apply your conditioner to your hair rather than your scalp, starting at the ends of your strands first and then working your way up. This will help to avoid over-conditioning and will ensure that you don’t end up with oily hair.

Depending on the type of conditioner, you should leave it on your hair for about a minute before rinsing out. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and then try to pat dry your hair rather than rubbing it vigorously.


Hair Masks & Treatments

Your hair mask and treatment will come with specific instructions but as a general rule, comb your hair out thoroughly before applying and then apply directly to the scalp, starting from the middle and working your way out. Try to apply the product to about an inch of your hair at a time and then gently massage into the scalp. Leave for however long the mask or treatment recommends and then rinse as instructed (or leave it in for some leave-in treatments and conditioners).

Some treatments will also recommend that you wash your hair thoroughly first with shampoo and this is usually to ensure that the treatment can penetrate freshly cleaned hair to achieve the desired effect. Always use your treatments or hair masks as often as directed as under or overuse may result in more damage to your hair.


What to keep in mind before buying hair care products?

The secret to getting the right hair care products is in matching what your hair needs with what the product offers. Sounds simple but that’s not always the case. You’re also going to want a hair care product that is easy to use and slips into your regular hair maintenance regime as easily as possible. Having to remind yourself to use whatever you are trying to use – be that a regular hair mask or a new shampoo and conditioner – will be hard at first. Choosing products that you add to your shower routine or your regular styling time will help you remember and keep using it. Often hair care products develop their desired effects over time and through continuous use so the sooner you get into the habit of using your new products, the better.

It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of thoroughly reading the instructions and the ingredients of your hair care products to avoid any reactions to chemicals or natural products that you may be allergic to. Finally, quality is always more important than price so try to choose the hair care products that are of the highest quality.


How does curly hair care differ from straight hair care?

Apart from the obvious differences that you can see with the naked eye, curly hair and straight hair also differ at the follicle level. People with straight hair will have round fibres or strands while people with curly hair will have more oval-shaped fibres. The difference in these fibres then translates directly to the health and strength of the hair. People with curly hair actually have far more sensitive strands. Where the curls thin, it is typically prone to breaking. For this reason, it’s very important to be as gentle as possible with curls and even wavy hair. Always wash and condition your curly hair as gently as possible and try not to rub it dry. Another great way of maintaining healthy and strong hair is to reduce the temperature of the water that you’re using to wash and rinse. Cooler water is far less damaging than hot water so after you have enjoyed a piping hot shower, tone the temperature down and then attend to your luscious curls.

Drying your hair naturally is always preferable but hardly practical so be gentle and try to offset the damage caused by your hairdryer with a hydrating product or regular treatment designed to repair the damage that heat does. Also, use your hair dryer’s big diffuser attachment to avoid tangling your curly or wavy hair.


How to create a healthy hair care regimen?

Creating a healthy hair care regimen begins with giving your hair what it needs. If you’re not sure what kind of products are going to be best, seek professional help. Head to your nearest hairstylist and ask for their opinion on what they believe your hair needs. Once you know, follow the stylist’s instructions to the letter. Remember to love your hair. Treat it like a best friend.


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