LA Girl

LA Girl

A lot of things happened in 1985. LA Girl for one, burst onto the scene, delivering high quality make up that wouldn’t cost your rent money and instant noodle addiction. Hallelujah.

It was quite the doozey of a year. Among the illustrious events that marked its course was the birth of the beautiful one Cristiano Ronaldo, the first airing of the even greater phenomena Neighbours (long may it prosper) and Haylie Duff was born! You know! Hilary Duff’s sister? Anyway. Big year.

Right from the sparkling beginning LA Girl has placed itself in the cosy nook of ‘affordable, accessible, brilliantly vibrant and completely gorgeous’ as they darn well should. They’ve been delivering delicious makeup to keen beauty gurus and enthusiastic beginners alike, with versatile, innovative and mesmerising products to play with.

The prowess of LA Girl is in the talk. Or rather, in being on every beauty blogger’s lips, literally. LA Girl made some big calls on quality and colour and they have been taken up en-masse by our favourite beauty bloggers across the big bad world.

Their Pro Concealers have swept the internet and our faces afresh, providing full coverage without the full wack to our dainty hip pockets.

From blushes to any and every kind of liquid make up (seriously their HD Pro Concealers are LIFE), eye shadows, nail polishes and body glitter, LA Girl brings such vibrant colour, the colour spectrum is all, ummm stop hogging it all behb.

LA Girl has every look and banger of a night sorted. You will be on fleek, on point, on sparkle, on glam, ON IT.

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